Pastor James Lawrence was born and raised in Erie County, Pennsylvania.  He is the third of four children born to Mr. and Mrs.  Reginald Lawrence. The Lord saved him at age 12 and he brought him to a place of commitment at age 23. God has blessed with a wonderful wife of 31 years and 5 children who are interested in the things of God. Their Christian education, spiritual growth, service, fellowship and financial support occurred at Harmony Baptist Church of Waterford Pennsylvania, where they were faithful for 28 years.

Prior to being called to pastoral ministry, Pastor Lawrence earned degrees in psychology counseling.  He subsequently worked in the mental health field for more than 20 years.  IN 2005, he responded to Gods direction to enroll in seminary.  In 2012, pastor Lawrence earned a Master of Biblical Studies from Bible Baptist Theological Seminary of Cromwell CT. In 2014, he earned the Master of Divinity. 

In July 2013, Pastor and Mrs. Lawrence made a survey trip to Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.  In the fall of 2014, they moved to Utah. Shortly thereafter, they planted Faithful Men Baptist Church.  

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